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Sinro Air Handling Units

The SRA series of air handling units from Sinro provide high thermal performance with a long service life and minimal costs.

Each unit is precisely manufactured to suit our customers specifications. Sinro air handlers are built with an extruded aluminium alloy frame and dual skin insulated panels which are easily assembled or easily removed. Sound absorbing panels and low speed large diameter fans give the Sinro air handling unit a super silent design.

Optional accessories such as starters, VFD's and intelligent controls are also available. The smart controller allows for communication between the air handling unit and the building management control system or monitoring via the internet.

Replacement finned coils for chilled water and heating applications are also available for existing air handling units such as the old F.Muller P/L (A division of Email) LS, BS, FS and MLH ranges.

Replacement units built to the same dimensions as the old F.Muller units can be manufactured to minimise replacement costs.

Whether it's the supply of new equipment or replacement coils, we can fulfil the requirements for your project.

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