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Drift Eliminators

Our drift eliminators are designed for maximum drift removal in all types of evaporative cooling equipment such as BAC, Evapco, Aqua Cool, Superchill, Sulzer and any other brand.  Cellular design is a stronger design, less prone to distortion when compared to the blade type eliminators.

Drift eliminators are rated to a drift loss rate which is equal to or less than 0.001% of the recirculation water flow rate, performing better than the AS3666 standard.

They are able to withstand temperatures up to 60 degrees celcius, are resistant to rot, bacteria, fungi, inorganic and organic acids as well as alkalies often present in cooling water loops.

Missing, damaged or corroded drift eliminators can result in performance loss, recirculation, higher operating costs, increased water and chemical loss and increased maintenance costs.

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