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The Cooling Tower Company Specialising in Tower Servicing & Installations

The Cooling Tower Company is an Australian owned business based in Victoria that has been established since 1991, with staff that have extensive experience in the process water cooling industry and have maintained a strong reputation amongst our clients.

We aim to meet our customers' requirements with repairs, spare parts and service and exceed their expectations.

We also provide a high level of specialised services, all of which are currently utilised by our broad customer base.

Areas of our expertise have been relied upon by many types of industries, with repetitive business from steel mills, chemical plants, food processing, wineries, airports, hospitals, shopping centres, plastics manufacturers, motor vehicle plants, general manufacture and many others.

Cooling Tower Services:

  • The repair, rebuild and maintenance of all types of evaporative cooling equipment
  • Spare parts
  • Equipment change over
  • Installation service for cooling towers, evaporative condensers and fluid coolers
  • Complete cooling system design
  • The supply of skid mounted cooling packages
  • Cooling tower evaluations and reports

The Cooling Tower Company are proud to offer access to the complete range of fibreglass and steel Cooling Towers , Closed Circuit Fluid Coolers , Evaporative Condensers and Heat Exchangers . We also offer a range of other products that support our cooling towers such as building platforms and ladders , Side Stream Filtration Systems, Condenser water pumps and Castle Chillers where there is a small cooling requirement , particulary in the plastics industry. Spare parts are available for all makes and models of cooling towers, condensers, fluid coolers and heat exchangers.

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